3rd place SONA SuperStudio 2021
Other team members: James Nixon, Benjamin Chatfield, Sofya Sevenkova
The idea behind our concept is that Melbourne is a stagnant and isolated society in terms of its connection to multiculturalism. Australians are sceptical and suspicious of Migrant and First Nation cultures, and thus a disconnection within their collective community is apparent throughout all groups. Through a discussion and research into the values that create the identities of the heritage groups, we developed a system that would be used to ensure that not just First Nation and Indigenous heritage is represented within the site, but Colonial history and Migrant cultures as well. Our proposal is to develop the main streets of each suburb, providing specific community spaces that are for and of the community and site. These community spaces would provide functions driven by the community to teach their own, as well as learn about other cultures that are present within the site context. The end goal of this proposal would be a more closely connected community, with equality between the present cultural identities, as well as an acceptance of all cultures and empowerment of minority cultures, this bring achieved through the incorporation of site-specific community function spaces that facilitate engagement and learning of various community cultural heritage.

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