Other team members: James Nixon, Jarryd Wyatt & Yanis Newman-Pache
The central theme that formed the Yoga House design, was that of a space that was almost completely open within itself and spacious, allowing once private spaces to be connected with public spaces and ease of circulation throughout the entire design. The Yoga space itself acted as a central point for our design, allowing for a middle ground between the front vegetable garden and the rear zen garden. The yoga space was designed to allow its occupants to be immersed in the nature of the site, influenced by Shinrin-Yoku, Japanese forest bathing. Whilst commencing the primary function of yoga within the space, the windows and doors can be opened to allow for an almost 180° view of the surrounding tree life, allowing for the participation of yoga in an enclosed environment out of the wind and the rain, whilst also maintaining the connections to nature that provide natural calming sensations. 

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